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  • Esmé Stevens
    Naarden/Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Here's my first deal: E-cookbook on website. Got over 2000 subscriptions for pre-launch offer. to be launched i 3 weeks at 10 USD a book Will be 20,000! 
  • Adriana Singh
    Lueneburg, Germany
    My favorite Autors are Kim and Robert Kiyosaki. I am learning so much about the money and about Cashflow. One week after reading of "Rich dad, Poor Dad" i decided to take my first Objekt/Deal:
    One old House, near my Home: 
    140 m², (2 appartments): A 5-bedroom, house in Melbeck, Niedersachsen, Germany. Cash flow of € 400/month.)
  • Carrie Mulligan
    Saskatoon, SK, Canada
    I started Rich Dad coaching in Nov/2009 and made my first deal Feb/2010, took possession May/2010 a house 3bed/1ba up and second unit 2bed/1ba down and single garage. Cash flow is $621/mo and building equity of $650/mo. I have since found a mentor here who is willing to partner with me and I have also begun finding people who are interested in investing in real estate with me. The first one is terrifying, but with support and knowledge each one will get easier. Thank you Robert and Kim
  • Kendra Perego
    Valley Head, AL, USA
     3 bedroom 3 bath house in Fort Payne, AL
    cash-flow 480/month
  • Evelyn Greenwood
    Baton Rouge, LA, USA
    Just closed on 1st deal. 3Br/2Ba w/ separate  studio apt in back of property.  Cash flow approx $550/mo.  Ready to move onto next one.
  • Sheri
    Fairview, Oklahoma
    I bought a sandwich/yogurt shop in Siesta Key, Florida. I opened the shop to create a job for myself, with hopes to create more jobs. It made a small monthly income for me. I had to close because of the BP oil spill. However, it was successful in many ways! Now, I will be investing in some rentals in Nashville, TN. I have rental property in Tennessee and Missouri already.
  • Honolulu Aunty
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    After COMMITTING to take charge of our financial future (thank you Kim!), we bought a 4/3 house in Las Vegas, Nevada, got a loan on it after an all cash offer, and it cash flows $300 after all expenses.  I even started a website to share the fantastic nuggets of info we acquired along the way - HonoluluAunty.info. Mahalo!
  • Camille Miller
    Indianapolis, IN, USA
    My first deal was in Fall 2010. With bad credit & unemployed for 11 months, I purchased a 60 unit apartment building
    that has positive net cashflow of $8000/mo.
  • Katina Rhooms
    Fort Worth, Texas, USA
    I started with two investment properties. When we moved to Texas, instead of selling the home we'd been living in, we decided to keep it as an investment because it had a lot of potential. The second house was a home my mom had and she passed away so I took over the home and also looked at it as an investment home.
    We rented out both houses and it was okay for a year and after that it went down the hill. On the first house the mortgage payment increased and the renter could not afford it and I was not able to increase her rent to the amount of the mortgage due to rental amount in that area was a lot less. The second home the tenant did not make payments for 6 months and I was too far behind and we could not pay our Texas mortgage and the mortgage in California.
    I have learned a lot about renting. I am still learning and will now take it more slowly.
  • Vicki Raftree
    Fort Wayne, IN, USA
    A triplex (2 units: one bedroom one bath, 1 unit: two bedroom one
    bath) in Fort Wayne, IN.  Cashflow $425/month.
  • Renee Miller
    I bought a small 3 bedroom house at auction, bidding against 3 men. I knew I wanted this house to start my real estate investing. This house was to be flipped to give me cash for a down payment on a rental. I bought the house for $66,000 and sold it for $103,000. It took 3 months to rehab this home and I sold it after 13 days of putting a sign by the road saying House for Sale by Owner. I spent $17,000 on the rehab so in all we had $83,000 in this home and sold it for $103,000 which left $20,000. I used our home equity for the money to pay for the home and used credit cards for the materials for the rehab. I paid everything off and had money left over. Taxes took a good bite of the cash but still all in all it was a great adventure and learning experience. This experience gave me the courage to open my 3 retail gift shops. I love my gift shops but all I want and all I think about everyday is rentals and buildings and old houses and laundry mats. I think I am obsessed with real estate. I do have a lot to learn. That's my story.
  • Paula
    Central Florida
    I taught foreign languages for 11 years and saved 60% of my paycheck for the last five. Didn't plan to study an MA because my gut feeling was telling me that teaching was not going to take me anywhere (basically not a good ROI). On 2009 my gut feeling became a reality when the venture capital group who bought the school let me go. With my savings I purchased a 1-1 Condo, cash! That first asset has equity and cash flows $225/month. I am currently working on a deal for a 1031 exchange that might bring 2 SF homes to my asset column. I REALLY love what I'm doing & relating myself with like-minded people!!!!... never felt better!
  • Laura Gilmour
    California, USA
    I bought two houses and have a positive cash flow of $850/month!
  • Jody W. Carrillo
    San Antonio, TX
    I bought a 4-bedroom, 2-bath house in Northwest San Antonio. Cash flow of $230/month and an equity capture of $25,000.
  • Cherrilyn Mamangon
    Gilbert, Arizona, USA
    I bought myself a residential property 5 yrs ago and converted into an Assisted Living Home Business. It's called the Cayman House Assisted Living Home. 
  • Sonja Skage
    Alberta, Canada
    My first deal was a 3 bedroom house with a basement suite and garage in Alberta, Canada.  The cashflow was $400 per month.  I didn’t know anything but asked the seller if he was interested in vendor financing for part of the downpayment.  He said yes and my downpayment ended up being 15% instead of 25% of $178,000.  Today five years later the house is worth approx. $300,000 and the cashflow is approx. $600 per month.  An investor partner put up all the money we needed and I agreed to do all the work with the property and the tenants.  Any woman can do this!!
  • Phyllis
    My first deal was 8 single units with a cashflow of ksh 14,000, that is $179. I am currently working on 6 more units. I am greatful to God and the great advice I took from Kim Kiyosaki, she is my mentor in real estate. 
  • Melissa Black
    Philadelphia, PA, USA
    A 3 bedroom, 1 Bathroom house in Philadelphia PA, cashflows $350/month. Property broke even when we first got it with a high interest hard money loan. After a frustrating year trying to refinance, it finally went through and we were able to wrap $11K of bad debt into the loan as well! This will be our first cashflow positive month. It was worth it. 
  • Mae Shore
    Portland, OR, USA
    My first cash flow property in Indianapolis:
    3 bdrm house
    Sec 8 tenant $700 per month
    Minus tax insurance
    Total cash flow $585 per month
    ROI (return on investment) 28%
  • Jesme Chua
    Invested Euro 3,000 in a Forex Robot since January 2010, constantly making 15% ROI per month.
  • Nina Wallinder
    Alberta Canada
    Added a basement suite to make the cash flow. 3bed, 2bath house in BC Canada. $50 / month. 18 years ago.
  • Samara Honda
    Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
    Thanks to the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", we (my husband  and I) bought an apartment for rent instead of a new car. The location of this  apartment is near the University of Sao Paulo, so it is very  convenient for students who wants to rent an apartment and can't  afford or don't want buy one. This specific property is very interesting  one, because the building don't have elevator what is not attractive for aged  people, but for students that are looking for low condo expenses is a good  deal.
  • Reneé Bischof
    Marengo, Iowa, USA
    My first deal was a real estate deal of a 3 Bd, 1 bath single family home with a large lot and additional lot. My cash flow is $115/mo, and the tenant pays all expenses. 
  • Aga Pasis
    I bought 200 shares of Nokia, insured them and sold a covered call. That gave me first $110/month. So I invested $2580 and got 4.26% return in the month - every month :)
  • Michaela Brown
    Le Mars, IA USA
    A 2 bed, 1 bath single family house in Le Mars, IA. Current cashflow of $100/month.
  • Natalie Thring
    Sydney, Australia
    Moved retirement fund to the cash account option at beginning of global financial crisis (after reading about cycles in rich dad, poor dad books).  Moved it back once markets started recovering.  Made $20,000 in that period when 95% of other people lost over 30% of their retirment fund.
  • Jezelle Jenkins
    Perth Australia
    2 bed 1 bath house, no down payment, $1200.00 cash flow per month (yes that is after taking out all expenses) a great first deal.
  • Melinda Augustina
    Los Angeles, CA USA
    Produced an 8 minute film that has secured distribution. 
    Annual Cashflow:
    2008 - $8.500
    2009 - $2,000
    2010 - $2,500 (est)
    2011 - $2,500 (est)
  • Amie Poe
    Mesa, Arizona, USA
    2 bedroom 2 bath patio home, used our credit card for down payment of $1500.00. Made $48.00 cash flow for first 18 months raised rent with next renter and increased cash flow to $75.00. Held property for one more year and sold it for double what we paid for it!  Awesome launch into our investing career!   
  • Brenda Larson
    Gilbert, AZ, USA
    4 bedroom 2.5 bath house in Gilbert, AZ, USA. 1998 to 2004 cash flow $200 per month.

  • Sonia Ortega Moedano
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Creative Club. Sharing experiences around the world, supporting each other. No languages only designs and feelings.

  • Sarah
    Melbourne, Australia
    An art portfolio of two pieces, one by an indigenous Australian artist and the other by a well respected historical painter. Cash flow $255/quarter
  • Anita Norman
    Taree, in the Northern NSW area of Australia
    I purchased 10% share in a real estate business here in Taree, Century 21 River City Realty, approximately 2.5 years ago. My share has gone up $15,000 AUS in 2.5 years.
  • Sherrie Campbell
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Purchased forclosed home, 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath. Currently have $250 positive cashflow. (since then purchased 2 more - $900 positive cashflow for all 3)
  • Jane Huang
    Taoyuan City Taiwan
    My first deal is 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Cash flow of NT80,000/month. 
  • Claire Burton
    Dubai, UAE
    It was only small to start with a studio apartment in a place called the green community in Dubai, but it is a very good rental making AED 1,100 which is about 300 dollars a month.  The cash on cash return is so good that I did the deal in March 2008 and will have all the cash I invested back by Dec 2009. The cash flow advice has been invaluable.

  • Venensia Mukarati
    Zimbabwe   Harare
    I am starting grape farming in Marondera at a farm will start with 3 hacters is year. I am planning to have 20 hacters by end of 2012 under grape. Cash Flow after full production will be  $120 000 per year.
  • Irene Kezengwa
    Mombasa, Kenya
    Investment: 3-wheeler van. Revenue daily Kshs. 1000 equivalent to US$ 13. Monthly US $ 375.
  • Kuhlula Ndhima
    Pretoria Town, South Africa
    I have a cash flow of R3000 from renting out one property. Before reading the book I wanted to sell the property as I didn’t know what to do with it, I went renovating and leasing it out.
  • Liliana Tatulea
    Madrid, Spain
    Mi ACTIVO es una organizacion multinivel, ahora solo de 20 personas, cashflow 100 euros. [Multi-level marketing, 20 people, cashflow 100.]
  • Ariane Nortje
    South Africa
    My first deal was a bank repossessed house I bought in 2000 for around R120,000. Sold the house in 2006 for R890,000!
  • Voeswa Cheka
    Maseru Lesotho, Southern Africa
     I am a 26 year old Lady, who is running 3 companies at the same time,the managing director of C-squared Lesotho (marketing company) founder and chief editor of who is who in Lesotho (Business magazine) www.whoiswho.co.ls Also running a property company called VEE.... preparing to being a fulltime life coach/motivational speaker by 2010.
  • Frieda Lila
    London, UK
    Since reading Rich Dad and Rich womand 6 months ago I have made 4 investments with the first one being: 2-bed sea view apartment in the City of Fortaleza, Brasil

  • Dina Holesovska
    Chomutov, Czech Republic
    My first deal was a 1-bedroom, 1-bath Flat in Chomutov, Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic. Cash flow of $135/month. I was three years ago. Today I have 17 flats with cash flow of $3.186/month.
  • Theresa Derderian
    Philadelphia, PA, USA
    3 bedroom / 1 bathroom house in Philadelphia
    cash flow $100/month
  • Tami Roberts
    Gulf Shores, U.S.
    A 4 bedroom 2 bath home in Foley, Alabama. Monthly cashflow $760.00.
  • Nadia H. Khairy
    Cairo - Egypt
    Bought cash, in 1984, an office for starting  my successful private business  in Cairo, two rooms+ reception +  small private garden.
  • Kylie Doon
    Brisbane – Australia
    Investment of A$25,000 into a start up business has generated passive income sales for the first month of A$1468.
  • Teresa Downs
    Lake Tapps, WA, USA
    4-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom house in Houston, TX.  Cash flow of $145 per month.
  • Cui Mei Wang
    My first deal was freehold chinese restaurant with 2 bed roos flat above .in 2001.
  • Kelly Waterman
    Plano, Texas, USA
    Bought a HUD foreclosure in October 2004 for $75,000.   3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1400 square feet.   Put $12,000 into it for repairs and updating.  Cashflow approx. $350+/mo. 

  • Snehal Haria
    Farmington Hills, MI, USA
    3B, 1B, Basement & Garage in Redford, MI
    Cashflow: $100.00/month
  • Heather
    New Hampshire, USA
    2 family, 2 bedroom units each unit and a cash flow of over 500- per month!!!!
  • Annie Grossman
    Woostock, Georgia, USA
    My first deal was a 2 bedroom, a loft, and 2 and a half bath townhome in Canton, Georgia. Cash flow of $39.00/month
  • Alicia Redish
    Live Oak, FL-USA.
    My first deal was a 3 BDRM, 1 Bath House, 1,088 sq. ft., just over an acre lot in town -  Live Oak, FL.  We bought this home for $26,000.  We did repairs, new ceramic tile, etc..  This home rents for $650/mo. After deducting for taxes, Renters Insurance, Loan, our cash flow averages $322./mo.   How's that for a Deal? 

  • Nokwazi
    Johannesburg South Africa
    I already have a two bedroomed, 1 bath flat that I was hoping to have as an investment when my husband and I got married. The reason I'm saying I was hoping to have my flat as an investment is because, while I am renting it out to a young family, they are not paying rent. The rent which is already R2000 less than what I pay at the end of every month as the bond/mortgage and rates. I suppose I got a bad deal there. However I must point out, while I have somehow not succeeded with this first investment I am pushing ahead, looking at another property, this time I'm wiser looking for something that will put something in my pocket, instead of taking out. Thanks Kim I absolutely live by your book "Rich Woman". I dream of moving into the supermarket franchise industry when the right time comes and if I play my cards right, the cash will be flowing in properly, despite the current economic conditions.
  • Lynn Real
    Tucson, AZ, USA
    A 3 bed/ 2 bath house in Tucson, total rehab, cash flow of $200 a month

  • Elizabeth Hernandez
    Winnipeg, Canada
    I live in Winnipeg, Canada, but I am originally from El Salvador and I purchased my first investment property last yr. in July and I have a cash flow of $500 a month and what I did was to refinance my home and purchase the investment property.

  • J Sutherland
    Turlock, California, USA
    2 bedroom, 1 bath house and studio apartment atop a detached garage in Hughson, California.  Cash flow of $95 per month.
  • Keri Gaul
    Yorkville, IL, USA
    A 2-bedroom, 1-bath house in Aurora, IL. Cash flow of $60/month.
  • Cat Redinbo
    Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
    My first deal was a 3 bed/2 bath mobile home on .75 acres in Gig Harbor, Washington. Lease optioned for $10k down, $60K cashout. Cashflow of $150/month for 5 years. I am a full time real estate investor now.  With the right tools, anyone can be a successful investor!
  • Jeanette Kasper
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    My first deal was in March - closed April 29/09. We bought a house for
    $95,000 - after the inspection, we renegotiated down to $85,000. We were going to do a lease option, but our tenant buyer backed out! Yikes! I found someone else who was really interested in the property, and we do have a Lease Option contract signed on that property. Cash flow is $446/month and I put down less $2000 (because the tenant had a deposit.)

  • Lisa Lannon
    Scottsdale, AZ USA
    4 bedroom, 4 bath executive house in Scottsdale, AZ.  Cash flow of $3000/mo.
  • Edith Leon
    New York, NY, USA
    My first property to investment (2004) bought S/.80K Co-op, 1 bed-room, 1 bathroom, mant+mortgage= 850, cashflow S/.150. Now I have 4 properties, always i read your books. Thank you so much.

  • Christal James
    Wickenburg, AZ, USA
    My first deal was a 3BR/2BTH, 1400 sq.ft. Standard Pacific Home in N/W Phoenix. In 2004. Cash flow of 500.00/mo.  I sold the house for 174K six months later and cleared 42K. 

  • Yadira Salgado
    Soy mexicana y quiero ser parte de la lista de las primeras 1000, la propiedad en la que inverti es un departamento, tiene dos recamaras, dos baños, cocina, cuarto de lavado, sala, comedor, cochera y cuarto de servicio con bodega.
    [First deal: condo that has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths.]

  • Rebecca Bekker
    Brooklyn, NY, USA
    Single, full time working mother with six children.  Move to USA in 1991 from Ukraine.  After I put the Rich Woman principles to work and change my mentality I was able to buy:
    1.  8 family ( 4 studio and  4 – 1bedroom ) in Rochester, NY.  Net income $ 1600 monthly.
    2.  2 family ( 3 and 3 bedroom ) in Rochester, NY.   Net income $ 650 monthly.

  • Mercedes Hernandez
    Mexico City, Mexico
    My first deal 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 studio, a big garden in veracruz mexico and cash flow $200/month
  • Pamela Ruiz
    Aurora, Ohio, USA
    My first deal was a 3 bed, 2 bath house flip. I bought it under contruction, finished it, and sold it.

  • Tracei Robinson
    Commerce Township, USA.
    I recently purchased my first investment property a 3bd rm 2 bth ranch w/a detached gararge in MI. I have a cash flow of $600.00 Wow! What a great beginning!
  • Lisa Kember
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    My first rental property was a duplex, with two units, in Waterloo, Canada. Still have it – cash flows at $110/month. Now working on #3.

  • Barbara R. Moseley
    Crossville, Tennessee, USA
    I purchased a 1,200 sq. ft. commercial building in my home in 2003, lease amount 1900.00/month and my cash flow is 750.00/month.
  • L Wong
    I published two books without prior work experience / background and at almost no cost, except business registration fee and my labour.
  • Janet Turley
    Akron, OH, USA
    I did my first deal on June 2, 2009. 3 bedroom house for $19,500 in Akron, OH. Tax valuation is $74,000. Homes in area are selling for about $60,000 right now.
    Paid cash - this was a foreclosure. House is near the university my son is attending and he is staying in the house instead of dorms (savings of $8000K per year!) Will get monthly rent from his two roomates. The boys will have reduced rent in exchange for working on the house. Repairs are mostly cosmetic. Will probably put about $10,000 total in the house (new windows and minor repairs). Cash flow will be about $150 per month plus the savings from not paying for the dorm! Hope to aquire another property in the spring of 2010.

  • Emily 
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
    I am so excited to share!  The day after I received this email I bought my first vending machine!  My husband and I had been researching investments for around 6 months and after we did the numbers we expect to be making 100% ROI in our first year, maybe even better!  I have a low interest credit card (6%) and we charged it to that (OPM).  We decided if it does go well, in about two months we will put together a business plan and buy 10 more with a bank loan.  I cannot tell you how liberating this feels to have finally acted upon all that I have been learning about being financially free!  What is better, my husband is on board!  It is so great to feel the support of a wonderful husband and partner!  Thanks for letting me be a part of this.
  • Jenny Leather
    Melbourne, Australia
    I bought my first  3 bedroom 1 bathroom home in the outer areas of Melbourne Australia. This property after expenses was probably only putting $50 per week in my bank account but at least it was not costing me money. Over the next 18 months my husband and I went on to buy 30 of these small 3x1 or similar family homes. Fantastic learning journey and very profitable.
  • M Clarke
    Leeds, UK
    A 3-Bedroom, 1-(new) bath house in Oldham, UK. Cashflow of £295 (GBP)/month).

  • Lee Ann Del Carpio
    Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    Two duplexes in Dayton, Ohio. $12,000 down for both. $800/month positive cash flow.

  • Tetyana
    Harkiv, Ukraine
    2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment in Harkiv, Ukraine; cash flow of $370/month.
  • Joanne Falvey
    Sydney, Australia
    2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom, Rotorua, New Zealand, Cash Flow of $55 a month (AUD)
  • Sadiq Layur
    Ikeja, Nigeria
    My first deal should be US $1,500 per month

  • Lisa Nguyen
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    My 1st deal was made in December, 2008, Vancouver, BC Canada.  I purchased a 1 bedroom and a den condo in the posh Yaletown district.  My cashflow each month is $200 per month.

  • Sara Korn
    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    2 bedroom / 1.5 bath townhome in Phoenix, Arizona. Cashflow $400 a month.
  • Ma. Kristine O. Alcantara-Javier
    Pasig City, Philippines
    A network marketing company, passive income of at least $100/month.
  • Leonie Wise
    London, United Kingdom
    2 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit in Auckland, New Zealand. Positive cashflow of NZD $45/month.
  • Caroline Hinton
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    I sold 10 contracts of the Sept 07 870/880 call spread on the Russell 2000 index generating a cash flow of $430 in 3 weeks.  This was a 4.5% return in 3 weeks, annualized return of 54%.
  • Kristina
    Brockville, Canada
    I bought my first rental property when I was 25 years old in 1995.  My city was booming in the manufacturing industry then and rentals were always full.  With the three apartments in one building my cash flow was approximately $400/month.  It was fun and I remember people being so surprised that I bought a rental.

  • Dewi Tjhin
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    This is my first deal together with my sisters :)
    A Single bedroom Residence for Student, rent guarantee by Aston in Karawaci, Tangerang. Cash flow of $20/month
  • Sharon Bates
    Morgan Hill, CA, USA
    Victorian triplex, cashflow $2,900./mo
  • Iris Werling
    Pomona, California
    I purchased a 4 bedroom, 1.5 bedroom home for $54,000 and sold it for $115,000.  I rented the property for about 2 years.  I had to do a lot of cosmetic repairs, carpet, paint, curb appeal.  I didn't have a problem renting it but I swore I would never buy in a c minus neighbor again.  The house was very nice when completed but I couldn't adjust to the attitude of some renters.

  • Jivonna Burney
    Westland, MI, USA
    My first deal was a three bedroom one bathroom home in Muskegon, MI, cash flow is $182/month.
  • Amelia R. McCollin
    Sunrise, Florida, USA
    3br/2ba single family house in Atlanta GA, will Cash Flow $650.00 per month
  • Suzanne
    Oahu, Hawaii
    Right after 9/11 we left on a prearranged trip to Hawaii for a month. While there, we realized that prices were at an unbelievable low. My husband bought a 2 bedroom condo and a lot to build our dream home. He encourage me to invest my $5,000 in another condo, a studio as a vacation rental. We lived in the 2 bedroom condo while he was building our home. We have since moved into our beautiful home with an ocean view. We turned a $125,000 lot with an ocean view into a $650,000 lot with a $1,000,000 home on the lot.The 2 bedroom condo was purchased for $106,000 and we sold it for $230,000. My small investment has consistantly averaged a $600 cashflow as a vacation rental.

  • Ivy Pery
    Tel- Aviv, Israel
    My first deal is a 3 bedroom flat. Cash flow in Israeli currency is 2000 Shekels per month (equivalent to approximately 400 USD per month). Was tough and stressful but hoping to do more.

  • Karen Cimera-Brown
    Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
    I bought my first house/townhome, in 1989 when I was 27, sold it 9-months later to buy a home, making over $40k.
  • Karen Eyo
    London, England
    Started KeyOne Fitness Studio for over 50's
    Business Class flight Canada open 2nd Studio.
    0 income

  • Rosie Mendoza-Whittier
    Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA
    First deal: 4 bedroom 2.5 bath, Rancho Cucamonga, California
    Net cash flow $4500.00

  • Pat Paradis
    Reno/Sparks NV, USA
    My first deal was a duplex. Bought it for $110,000, rented each unit = $600. We sold the units in 2005 for $200,000 and rolled the profits in a 1031 to buy in Elko NV a bigger deal with a $1,500 cash flow monthly.
  • Deborah Price Gentry
    Brigham City, UT, USA
    Health food store
  • Sylvia Smith
    Ontario, Canada
    My first deal was a 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom town home. It currently cash flows at $500 a month and I have since purchased an additional 5 properties that are each cashflowing in the range of $350 ‚ $580 a month.  I am purchasing single resident homes in Ontario and am definitely hooked. It is unfortunate that fear kept me from doing this much earlier. 

  • Ellen Cho
    Pacific Beach, CA, USA
    First Deal:
    3BD/2BA - 2BD/1BA Duplex in Pacific Beach, CA
    Positive Cashflow of $500 per month
  • Elizabeth
    New Providence, NJ
    Here is My First Deal, completed July 2008: Negotiated a short sale with two lenders to purchase a single family home which I resold for a $63,000 profit.

  • Hoa Kim Vo
    Houston, TX, USA
    I would like to share my "first deal": A 3400 sq feet office building in Houston, TX.  Cash flow $90/month
  • Susan VanDrese
    Cornell, USA
    Product Brokerage Company specializing in health & nutrition

  • Afton Ketron
    Knoxville, TN, USA
    3/1 house in Maryville, TN.  Purchase $24,990, repairs and interest 12k, appraisal 100k, cash out refi 68k, pcf $85/mo.

  • Holly Staggs
    Memphis, TN, USA
    I am closing on our first deal July 31st. It is a 4 plex - 2 efficiencies, 1 1-Bedroom and 1 2-bedroom; cash flow of $700.00/month
  • Diana Tuggle
    Albuquerque, NM - US
    I have a duplex, each side is 1600 Sq. feet, 3 bedroom 2 bath, 2 car garage. Cash flowing $800.00/mo.
  • Sheri Willis
    Franklin, TN, USA
    Single Family Home: 3 Bedroom / 1 Bath brick home in Fairview, Tenessee.  Purchased for $74,000 and currently cashflows $356.88 per month!
  • Sara Penny
    I have a house that I rent out rooms nightly weekly and monthly

  • Judi Overholt
    Pickens, S.C., USA
    We live in a 4-5 bedroom home.....with 3 full baths..Cash flow about $1,400.00 a month...

  • Mary-Lee Scott
    Overland, MO, USA
    2400 sq ft. 4-br total rehab in St. Louis 2005; lost our shirt on this one. Project too big.
  • Lisa Tsang
    Fresno, Ca; USA
    Purchased first home 3/3 1770 sf 2 story home in 1990 for 103K and renting it out
  • Maureen
    Staten Island, NY, USA
    Medical Practice office rental initially cash flow of $450 (I co-own the building), current cash flow $600!!!

  • Julie Holloman-Karvelis
    Mechanicsville, VA, USA
    My first deal was a $90,000 home in Richmond, VA. It currently cash flows $380/month.  
  • Jill McDonnell
    Ocean Springs, MS, USA
    I run errands and transport Rock Stars and other entertainers while they are in town. I offered this service to the Hard Rock; Imperial Palace casinos; and the coliseum. Now have fun and make money and new friends. Current positive monthly cash flow of $1400.00.

  • Barbara Leashore
    Sacramento, CA, USA
    I just made my first deal.  It is a 3 bd., 2 ba. in Sacramento, CA.  It will cash flow about $600 a month.

  • Zoe Johnson
    Richmond, VA, USA
    My first deal was a duplex generating $1050 cashflow per month in central, VA. Attached lot with potential to subdivide.

  • Sarah Pope
    Tampa, FL, USA
    3/1 SFR with a Section 8 tenant!  Just cashed out almost the entire purchase amount and is still cashflowing!
  • C. Manciel
    Detroit, MI, USA
    Brick -Two Family Flat - Detroit
    Cash Flow $600 per month

  • Priscilla Dressen
    Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
    My first deal: HUD townhouse purchased during Veterinary School, $29,000.00.  Rented the upstairs which covered all payments. Sold the unit upon graduation for $37,000.00 at an $8,000.00 profit with no living expenses.

  • Rhonda
    Kingwood, TX, USA
    My deal is located in Spring, TX; 3/2/2 with potential cash flow of $280 per month. I say potential because I haven't actually found a tenant yet as I am still in the rehab process.

  • Arlene Grant
    Sequim, Washington
    My first deal was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath mobile home with a cash flow of $165.00.
  • Maggie
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    First deal: 4-plex, lived in 1 unit and rented out the other 3, in order to afford a place to live after divorce.
  • Solana Morris
    Portland, Oregon, USA
    3/2 house, Beaverton Oregon, Sandwich Lease Option, $4k down, $15k upfront profit from tenant-buyer, $200/mo cashflow.
  • C. J.
    Richmond, Virginia, USA
    3 Bedroom, 1 Bath Mobile Home
    Monthly Cash Flow $260. 00 Per Month
  • Lori Hendershot & Kerry Keefer
    Kalamazoo Michigan, USA
    1st deal:  4B/1B Parchment Michigan Purchase Price 55K + front and back end cost 7K=67K.  Strategy: 2yr Lease Option Sales Price 72K.  Sales profit = 8K.  Monthly Rental Cash Flow (720-550) 170 x 24 months=4080.  Total Profit 4080+8K = 12080.  (option money down 4K)

  • Krystin Sagady
    Philadelphia, PA, USA
    A 4-bedroom, 1-bath twin in Norristown, PA.  Cash flow of $220/month.
  • Joan Dizon
    Princeton, Texas, USA
    2 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom Mobile home.  I partnered up with my brother and bought a ready to move in mobile home for 5K.  Sold the home for 15,900 and we carry the financing for about 5 years at 13% interest.  Cash flow each month $350.

  • Bobbi Ferster
    Smithers, British Columbia, Canada (recently moved to Alberta)
    Water Bottling and Delivery Business.  Owned for 11 months and sold for double what it was purchased for, plus monthly income until it was sold.
  • Melanie Lenz
    Cheney, WA, USA
    Two 2 bedroom duplexes, $230/mo EACH cash flow.

  • Cindy Young
    Toledo, Ohio, USA
    4 bed/2 bath house. Bought for $30,000; $9,000 in repairs; sold in 18 days for $83,000 (full asking price) with back-up offer of $84,000. Profit: $44,000

  • Emma Thompson
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    A 3-bedroom, 2-bath house in Atlanta, GA. Cash flow of $238/month

  • Kathy Long
    Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
    MY FIRST ONE WAS FIRST OF SIX! I am a single mom of 3 boys out of an abusive relationship of 18 years.  Went to Darren Week's seminars and took action.  Purchased my first duplex and continued within 14 months now have 6 properties and looking to acquire commercial properties as well as proceeding to jv and lease option sales.  Life is GRAND!
  • Sarah
    Mobile, AL, USA
    Somebody gave me 3 gumball machines, and i spent $40 in locks and candy.  I put them in 3 different businesses and now have a cash flow of $150 a month!  I am saving the money to buy more machines!  Thank you Rich Woman for inspiring me!

  • Unika Green
    Baltimore, Maryland, USA
    My First Deal was a 3BDRM 1 bath. Original owner passed away and house was left to his sister who wanted nothing to do with it, too much of a burden on her. She sold to me for 40K, way below market value, I was able to get over 20K cash immediately at closing for repairs turned it into a 4 BDRM house to create a net cash flow over $1500 per month. 

  • Linda Hettwer
    Orangeville, Ontario, Canada 
    A 3-bedroom, 2-bath semi-detached in Orangeville ON, Lease to own, $0 down, profit of $37,000 after 2 years.
  • Susan Frisbee
    Asheville, NC
    A 12-unit apartment complex that came with a 3-bedroom, 1-bath house in NC.  Cash flow of $800/mos.

  • Hilda Ogbeifun
    Toronto, Canada
    I bought my first investment house that took a year and six months to complete. I did this deal for capital gains to enable me to have a substantial down payment before going into rentals.

  • Denise Chamberlain
    Valley Center, California.
    My first deal: A 2-Bedroon, 1 bath duplex in Oceanside, California. Cash flow: $600.00/month

  • Cindy
    Houston, Texas
    I purchased my first house in January 2009. It is 1568 sq ft, with 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fire place, fenced yard, built 2005.  Good access to major roads.

  • Karin Weiri-Kolle,
    Orange City, Florida
    I closed on my first deal yesterday 8/11/09. It was a wholesale that I assigned for $3000 although I walked away with a check for $2113.25 after paying all of the closing costs. It was a 3/2 in Orange City, Florida in very poor condition. Buyers paid $40K which included my assignment fee.

  • Gloria Taft
    Shepherdsville, KY
    I was a single mom. My parents purchased a house, and I was buying it from them. When I got married, the house was too small. I rented it to some friends and that turned into a land contract. I knew I could do that again. I went house hunting. Found a ugly, unkept, unmowed and cheap house. I purchased it for $15,000.00. Hired my kids, parents and sister to help mow, clean and paint. My husband and a friend put up gutters and downspouts and a new porch roof (2 8' fiberglass panels). With lots of elbow grease and prayer we completed the project. Refinanced the house 3 weeks later for $45,000.00. After paying all bills for reconstruction I made about $20,000. I reinvested it and now have 6 properties.

  • Mellisa Dormoy
    Metuchen, NJ
    My first deal was a single family 3 bedroom, 1 bath home in Rockford IL. Cash Flow is $400 per month. I am working on my 6th deal now with my husband who is my partner as well. Rich Dad & Rich Woman inspires us both so much... we read and re-read when for continued motivation. I have found that at a certain point things start to flow and you begin to feel more confident in the process. I love it! Thank you Kim and Robert, you truly have given us another perspective on life outside the RAT RACE
  • Sheri Robinson
    Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    I did my first deal 31 Jan 09, it is a 4 plex with 3-2bdrms, 1-3bdrms.  It was $217,000, so far I'm putting my profits into repairs but it cashflows really well so it is my first step to financial freedom.

  • Tracy Delaney
    Denver, Colorado, USA
    I bought and fixed up a 2 bd/1ba house that was in "not quite a crack house" shape. Will clear over $50,000 when it closes this week.