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"I read Rich Woman and felt empowered. I want to be financially free – but where do I start?"

Rich Woman readers often ask us this question. The idea of becoming financially independent can be inspiring – but knowing how to proceed isn’t always clear.

That is why Kim Kiyosaki developed the Rich Woman Guide to Phenomenal Success (GPS), a one-of-a-kind investment planning system designed to guide you on the path to financial independence, all packaged in a distinctive Rich Woman organizer. The Rich Woman GPS will help you:

  • Think differently about money and yourself
  • Identify and achieve your dreams
  • Take practical steps towards financial independence
  • Clarify your investment strategy
  • Organize your investments

Additionally, you’ll become a member of the exclusive Rich Woman GPS online community where like-minded women share ideas, inspiration, and information – and have access to exclusive bonus content from

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